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CultureWorks is a management commons for creatives. Track 1 gives our members access to flexible staffing, advisory services and classes to support a wide range of management functions. It is one piece of a broader offering that includes fiscal management, HR, insurance and a nonprofit umbrella through Track 2, and—coming soon—marketing and fundraising through Track 3. We provide equitable access to management resources for the makers and preservers of culture.


Our Affiliate Network allows CultureWorks to expand the breadth and depth of support we offer our members.


We are looking for professional service providers in a broad range of fields—from legal and accounting to institutional advancement and design—who have a demonstrated passion for the arts, creative and preservation sectors. Our members create dynamic, impactful work with modest operating budgets. Copilot allows them to access the support they need to do what they love.

We invite you to join our team!


HOW IT WORKS: We pair projects with Affiliates based on needs or member request. All engagements are managed by the CultureWorks Consulting team, who provide:


  • Process / Logistics Management to preserve project timelines and scope

  • Deliverable Review to ensure alignment with client needs

  • Contracting & Billing for oversight and client ease


Affiliates offer their services to CultureWorks members at a 50% discount from their hourly rates. The balance between their CultureWorks billings and the market value of their work is considered an in-kind donation to CultureWorks. To illustrate, if you typically bill $200 / hour and accept a five-hour engagement with a member, you’ll receive $500 in fees and register a $500 in-kind contribution to CultureWorks. All billings for your time are paid to you. CultureWorks will bill the client for project management in a separate line item.

As an Affiliate, you are never obligated to accept a proposed project. You will be asked to indicate the maximum number of hours you would like to contribute to our members each fiscal year—no contribution is too small. Every effort will be made to distribute client work equitably among Affiliates. However, participation in the Affiliate Network does not guarantee an engagement with our members.


WHAT YOU GET: Affiliates benefit from our vibrant member community. Our members work in diverse reaches of the Greater Houston cultural sector and include:

  • Community Builders and Educators

  • Curators and Artistic Directors

  • Preservationists and Leaders in Heritage and Humanities

  • Capacity-building and Cultural Service Organizations


As an Affiliate, you have the potential to build your client roster; there are no restrictions on working with our members outside of Track 1. CultureWorks will also market and promote your work through our webpage and to our members.


Affiliates also benefit from CultureWorks’ project support. We match you with our members, manage contracting and billing. As project managers, the CultureWorks team will take on the administrative aspects of the engagement and ensure a smooth relationship throughout.


HOW TO JOIN: Use the below link to apply. The application is intended to give us a clear understanding of your work, so that we can market your services on our site and pair you appropriately with projects. We’ll follow-up for a meeting to discuss how we can work together.

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Shannon Buggs
Executive Director

Culture Source Inc.

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