What we do.

To create or preserve is a pure joy. Do what you love. We’ll do the rest.

We believe that creative expression and preserving our heritage are essential to personal happiness and human flourishing. And if we are flourishing, we are creating and preserving at our highest potential. We believe in the dreams of others. We listen carefully, plan, judge not, and nurture the inevitable potential of each one of us.


We have your back (office). We manage with care.

CultureWorks is a management commons for the arts, heritage, and creative community. We invest in the success of your mission by offering a comprehensive set of shared resources to support your work. These include staff to manage your finances, government filings, human resources, legal issues, fundraising, marketing, and folks who can help you get a wide variety of day-to-day tasks done. We also provide shared workspace and office equipment, insurances, best practices, and even a nonprofit umbrella.


All we need is trust. Let’s take risks together. 

Trust is essential to becoming a member of CultureWorks and sharing in our resources. We are your copilot, providing support to you and your team and working together in a cooperative spirit to realize your vision. As mutual trust grows we are able to share more supporting resources. Our minds love road trips along the highway of possibilities. It’s only by having many ideas that we come across a really good one.


Our work together progresses through three resource “tracks”, each providing added support for your creative journey:​ 

Track 1


Shared workspace, discount hourly consulting, and extra hands to get things done.

Track 2


Shared nonprofit umbrella, finance and HR staff, legal tools, basic insurances, and more.

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Shannon Buggs
Executive Director

Culture Source Inc.

sbuggs [at] culturesourcehtx.org